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Bone-a-fide Great Products!

We are constantly getting questions about recommendations for different products! From Dog Treats to Cologne, look below for whatever your furry friend may need! 

Need a brush recommendation? Send us a text at 818-877-4891 and we can get you set up! 

For The Chewers

These are Adrianne approved! These Croc Chomps are easily and safely digestible, long lasting, and super durable! 

With sizes ranging from SM-XXLG, Croc Chomps are a treat like no other! 
Use code KELVEY to save! 


For The Stinkers

We LOVE our dogs with all of our hearts but *sometimes* we don't love how they smell! That's why we recommend using these amazing colognes and perfumes to keep your pup smelling fresh and clean! 

Use code KELVEY to save! 

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